TRCNetwork - Down Until Further Notice
Hosting costs too high - player base too low - We will Return by 2023


Welcome to TRC Network's Rules page!
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We want to make sure that everyone has a fun, safe environment to play in. To do so we have some strictly enforced set of rules which every player has to follow. Breaking a rule and claiming you had no knowledge of the rules, is on your own not to go look at the rule we have provided both inside the game and on our website. By logging on to TRC Network you are agreeing to the rules.

 We recommend to not share your account. Several of our punishments include IP-bans or IP-mutes. 
Sharing your account could land you in trouble if your account is found on the IP of a punished player. 
Your account is your own responsibility.

Note About Warnings: One warning lasts one week, getting an additional warning will add  an additional week. If someone would reach three warnings before the first one ends, an automatic temp ban for a week will be applied.  

Useful links:
TRC Network Rules

These rules are to be followed through out TRC Network. 

Rules                                 First Offense          Second Offense          Last Offense                Appeal Available Appeal Not Available  

Advertising                               1 Week Mute                                  1 Month Mute                             Permanent Mute
Account Trading/Selling        3 Week IP-Ban                                                                                     Permanent IP-Ban
Ban Evasion                                                                                                                                               Permanent IP-Ban
Permanent IP-Ban
Encouraging bad behavior
and/or self harm                      2 Week IP-Ban                                                                                     
Permanent IP-Ban
Illegal modifications                                                                                                                                Permanent IP-Ban
names/builds/skins                1 Week IP-Ban                                 3 Week IP-Ban                            
Permanent IP-Ban
Non Family Friendly Chat     1 Week Mute                                    3 Week Mute                                Permanent Mute
Teaming with Hackers                                                                                                                              Permanent IP-Ban
Real Money Trading                 1 Week IP-Ban                                  2 Week IP-Ban                         Permanent IP-Ban
Spamming                                 After 3 Warnings 1 Week Mute             3 Week Mute                   Permanent Mute
Spamming Commands           After 3 Warnings 1 Week IP-Ban             3 Week IP-Ban             Permanent IP-Ban
Impersonating Staff/Players                                                                                                                  Permanent IP-Ban
Falsifying Evidence                                                                                                                                  Permanent IP-Ban
AFKing without Rank        After 3 Warnings 1 Week IP-Ban                   3 Week IP-Ban                Permanent IP-Ban
Discord & Forums Rules:

TRC Discord Rules

1. Treat everyone with respect! No racism, no homophobia, and no hate speech. Any jokes or comments will not be tolerated and will be removed. 
Will be muted then banned.
2. No lying to staff. 
Will be Banned
3. Don’t post anyone's personal information in chats. 
Will be Muted or Banned
4. Please don’t flood or spam any channels. Also don’t go posting the same message in different channels, it will all be deleted. Keep self promotions in the selfpromo chat. 
Will be Muted
5. English only in the chats. 
Will be Muted

 TRC Discord Rules are posted on our read-first page on Discord as well. 

Forum Rule’s 

1. Don’t post inappropriate or sexual contact and no swearing. Any post containing inappropriate content or profanity (including self censorship, automatically censored, acronyms and slang) will be removed from the forum.

2. No Provoking. Don’t encourage rule breaking. Do not post with the intention of provoking a reaction from fellow members. 

3. No inappropriate username/profile picture. 

4. No Spamming. Posting on a thread without any connection or value to the discussion. Making duplicate posts through out the forum will be removed.

5. No Advertising. Don’t use TRC Network Minecraft Forum to advertise personal websites, links, projects, or other socials.

Punishment: Breaking any of these rules can result in a temporary/permanent mute or ban depending on the report.

Note: Bumping Threads 
A Thread should only be on the front page if there’s an active discussion taking place. Please don’t bump old threads to bring them back to the front page. 

Forum Pointers & Tips 

 - Be respectful and kind.
Being positive and polite creates a friendly environment that all members will feel comfortable in.
 - Think before posting.
To make sure what’s being posted is in a suitable place and others can acknowledge what is being explained.
 - Post in the most relevant sections.
Keep relevant sections relevant to ensure all members interested see.
 - Remain on topic.
Threads should remain on the topic that’s being discussed. If needed a place for the discussion and not have one available, one should be suggested.
 - Double check where you’re posting!
Always make sure your posts are in the right sections and threads. Posts that aren’t in the right spot will just be removed.
 - Found content that needs to be reported?
Don’t post on content to inform members about the rules, instead report the content. Reporting the content will bring staff attention so it can be handled but posting will just bump the content more recent, spreading it.

Appeal Information
It may happen that you get punished falsely or were questioned by staff or console so we have made it possible to appeal a punishment. 

Don’t aggressive language in your appeal. We understand it's frustrating but we just want to make sure the Network is a safe, fun environment for everyone. 

Appeals are not second chances they are for false punishment.

Don't lie in your appeal, lying will just get the appeal denied.

Only make one appeal for one punishment. Multiple appeals for one punishment will result in the appeal being denied also may result in further punishment.