TRCNetwork - Down Until Further Notice
Hosting costs too high - player base too low - We will Return by 2023
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TRC Network Player’s World! Have your own Minecraft world! Not only is it your own world but you can customize the world and player settings. You can choose from 5 total different world options; normal terrain, flat world, empty world, custom generator, or (coming soon) pre-built world. We are also gathering in some pre-built mini games for everyone to play. [coming soon] Choose between a public world with up to 10 friends, or a private world and have it all to yourself! If a player is misbehaving on your world, you don't have to worry you may kick or ban anyone on your world. The world will expire after 15 Days upon creation and then be deleted from our servers. Extensions are available in store. For one extension on your world $0.50 CAD = 15 More Days on your saved world. You can obtain 3 total extensions for your world for a total of 60 Days.   You have to buy an extension BEFORE the world expires, after that the world is deleted.   Alternatively you can restart a new world and play again at no cost.   You may request a world download only if you've purchased a world extension, please DM TRCNETWORK with your Minecraft username and the date of the first extension you’ve purchased. We will then be messaging you back with your world download.   Release Date: January 13, 2021  
10 months ago

TRC Network SkyBlock Islands   Mine in the mining world that resets daily at 6AM GMT-4. Explore spawn and buy a cool miniature pet! There are tons of cosmetic items in game that can be won with keys or buying ranks! Don't forgot about Island Top! Compete for island top with block value to win a giftcard for our store, top 3 island will receive payout in form of a gift card.   TRC Network Kits We have decided to put in a Free Rank in our store. Our Adventure Rank! Use /buy in game or click here to go to our online store. With the Ranks we have Daily Rewards. Warps Have any questions or want to chat about our SkyBlock? Feel free to post in the Skyblock forum
10 months ago

ATTENTION PLAYERS! HELLO! Welcome to TRC Network Forums!  To tell you guys a little bit about ourselves and why TRC Network is what it is today.  Both of us near the start of Covid-19 started to play minecraft together to have some fun and get our minds to a better place with everything going on around the world. After having more free time we made our first survival world and started making a town. We also played on some other servers as well but we noticed something we didn't like. Being who we are, we came up with ideas on how it could be better and more fun for everyone. We don't like ’pay to win’ and we want everyone and anyone to be able to play and not be held back. So we started researching and building onto the little survival world we made and from there, The Roasted Chicken Network was made.  So come join TRC Network as we are an open Cracked Minecraft Network. We have multiple servers open already, plus getting great feedback and suggestions from our community on discord. We encourage and love all suggestions and feedback so we can ensure we are providing a fun, functional, friendly environment for everyone. We made this for you. We are here for you. We are one of you.   TRC Network Website has not been released yet but is open for players so not all announcements and information will be available here but on our discord.    We will have a Big Release Event for the Website and Network with Games, Gifts, and Prizes! A date will be announced with more information regarding the event soon. Join our Discord
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